Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saddies, it's not THAT bad!

If you think you're born to be unhappy, you are not alone. That's also why you shouldn't take pride in the fact that you reek of sadness. Sad folks—or saddies if you may—by definition, take delight in being unhappy. As if an invisible compulsion is stopping them from smile and breathe a bit deeper. They are an interesting lot though. Their whole operation is conducted furtively and not everyone notices some of their most subtle nuances. All it takes are some moments to spare and observe. You talk to them and you know why they spent so much time on the non-living creatures and so less time on the living ones. There's a set pattern in behavior too. Unfortunately, like i said earlier, the non-saddies prefer to stay away. Perhaps sadness is a communicable disease and hence it's avoided. Nobody wants to take a chance. Having said that, a part of the blame should fall on the saddies as well. They don't want to look beyond the darkness of grief. Their pain is deliberately amplified everyday so much so that they refuse to heal. The warm tears in their eyes soothe them to such an extent that laughter sounds like noise. Loneliness turns into a thick blanket and memories victimize at will. If only they could see how beautiful the world is despite its flaw and unforgiving nature. Shun society if you like but why not give tomorrow a chance? Life seems worst but it could have been worse. Survival ain't a curse. After all, it allows one the strength to be proud of being alive, unhappy, lonely and yet kicking.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written.....and oh so true!
You are just amazing. :)
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

to paraphrase lord amery???
its within the right of every human being to refuse to heal, even against natural order.

Anonymous said...

Man has the right and the privilege to declare
to be in disagreement with every natural
including the biological healing that time brings
Jean Améry