Sunday, June 23, 2013

An auteur's touch

Some filmmakers don't belong here. They come from a different place, a different time zone, a different mindset. And they don't bother to change. Such human beings are indeed rare and ought to be preserved from decay. It's in our best interest to not to give in to mortal indifference. But there is very little we can do even though they are totally worth the pain. Their world is similar to ours but they add new dimensions. Not because they have to but because they think they should. What do you do after waking up watching a beautiful dream? You try to share, if you are that type who talks a lot. In most cases, people stay quiet. A filmmaker doesn't have that luxury. If he watches a dream, he has to find ways to share it with others. Sometimes he watches these dreams with his eyes open and he can't wait to let others have a peek. In the quest to be God, new worlds get created and some, destroyed. The thirst to make others believe that there is a perspective possible which is slightly different from our daily what makes a filmmaker filmmaker. More often than not, obstacles rule. The weather conspires and art suffers. It's easier done than said. Money is least of their worries. However, he keeps scratching the surface until he gets what he desires. He's not your everyday guy. He's a fucking filmmaker. 

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