Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cannes, did she do it?

The best thing about our media is it asks plenty of questions but the problem is it seldom does so to the right person at the right place on the right time. More often than not, what happens is we journos go overboard with a given event and forget to analyze the structural design (read: agenda) behind it. Who led to what and which is to how and when happened to where are those stuff that get broomed beneath the mainstream cover. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the way a reporter look at things. After all, a story will remain the same although the storytellers vary.  

Something of this nature happened at Cannes about three weeks ago when Vidya Balan was invited to be a part of the jury at French Riviera. On cue, as usual, the Indian media went berserk on her elevation to such a pedigreed platform. But nobody—AND I MEAN NOBODY—bothered to ask why? I haven't come across a single column (although i've waited for quite some time now) inquiring why exactly is she on the jury. Instead, everybody started deriding her for her sartorial choices—even though i felt that she looked great in her desi outfits—and totally forgot the real purpose behind her visit. I've nothing against her. In fact, i genuinely feel that she's the finest young actress of our times. The word to be underlined is young. And that's also the reason why her selection seems hotchpotch. The 35-year-old who made her Bollywood debut in 2005 with Parineeta has appeared in less than 20 films since then. Can one assert that she has attained the experience needed to be a juror within a span of just eight years? Her film career is blitzkrieg of sorts given her nose for choosing challenging scripts but still. Besides, we're talking about the biggest film fest in the world here. Even someone as remarkable as Amitabh Bachchan hasn't been considered yet to serve their jury. Because the question is not about an Indian doing the honours. It's about the kind of qualifications a certain task demands. Judging world cinema at its purest form ain't everybody's cup of tea. Besides, what prompted the organizing committee to go for her? Spielberg's recent visit to Mumbai? Her recent wedding to an influential producer? Or let's blame it on globalisation then? If Nandita Das could be there, why not Vidya? Not to undermine her presence but when you look at the group photographs of all the jurors together, our national sweetheart appears like the odd woman out. Sharing the deliberation room with accomplished names like Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, Naomi Kawase and Christoph Waltz is simply begging one question: what exactly did she bring to the table?

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Aks said...

I wondered the same when Aishwarya Rai was selected.