Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The lost art of raising voice

Mass protest is in the air. Turks are still pro-development but they can't let a historic park disappear. Brazilians still love football but they can't tolerate a price hike. They are frustrated people just like us. But they react appropriately whereas we remain inert. The closest Indians came to mass protest was a few months ago when our nation was outraged by a gruesome act in New Delhi. Before that, there was an anti-corruption crusade as well, more centric to the capital than any other city in India. For some shameful reason, Mumbai remains immune to mass protests. As if her citizens are fully satisfied with the way things are. Or aren't, to be politically incorrect. Imagine the sight if Mumbaikars decide to give their indifference and tolerance a break and emulate the Istanbullus or the Paulistanos. Given the condition our roads and railways and almost everything else is in, we don't have to wait till we grab the right to host FIFA World Cup.

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