Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Read and left?

Going by the awesome stuff i get to read on a daily basis thanks to the wide shoulders of the Internet, i'm now dead sure that i'll never be able to write like them. Their words and the culminating thought process are like dreams that you never want to wake up from. They are simply gorgeous. I can't even imagine or try to fathom the depth of their minds. I'd be lost anyway. So, taking this newfound reality into consideration, i've made a small change to the purpose of my life. Call me cynical but i've noticed patterns you missed. So, instead of aiming to be an also-ran who won't be counted at the end, i'm going to invest my time into making sure that i continue reading the finest piece of literature ever attempted—be it from any language as long as it's translated well into English—by humans. I wish those words continue to greet me with the same delight that i pursue them. I vowed something similar about a decade ago with cinema although i had no intention of filmmaking but the plan worked in my favour as ii managed to watch gems after gems.

Thought you should know because you are part of this fruitless ridiculous journey and also because, as you are well aware by now, i love y'all from the bottom of my fingertips.

PS. You won't be part of my will though. 


Anonymous said...

Your ponjo loves you too

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can keep telling us about the good books you read.

Harry said...

kabhi mauka lagey toh Sant Singh Maskeen ji ki book padhna. He was a scholar, a pracharak. Though he was a Sikh, his knowledge of other religions besides sikhism, was immense. we all love his perspective. the way he used to put across his point, it was too amazing.

and keep posting about the good reading stuff you come across. though you will do it anyway:-)