Sunday, November 1, 2015

What's all the fuzz about?

People often ask me whether i regret quitting engineering. A very straightforward answer to that would be no but life isn't that linear. There are always some zigzags thrown into the pattern and every now and then, you are forced to reconsider your answer. If somebody asks me right now whether i'm happy with the way my life is moving, i'd say yes. But then again, it's not an absolute answer. I have my good days and i have my bad days too. There are times when i'm listening to some song at work and i begin to weep because it transports me to a better place. Similarly, there are times when i'm getting into the office elevator with some of the smartest people i know and feeling great about it. So, the question of regret is dependent on the moment when it's posed. There are no definite answers for the pure fact that it's based on the present—and by extension, the future—and not the past. If it was centered on the past, then i'll happily admit that my greatest regret is being unfair to my younger brother during our childhood days. As of now, i'm wondering whether getting rid of my facial fuzz is a matter of regret or vindication. I did it on impulse yesterday morning. However, i believe that my face has been hidden behind my beard for so long that i don't remember how i'm supposed to look like. I feel lighter and almost naked. I seemed to have not only lost weight but also age! People put on masks for Halloween. I got mine off. The only problem is it's going to grow back on again. Zigzags, as usual.


Harry said...

tumhe beard mein dekhne ki aadat si padh chuki thi

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