Saturday, May 21, 2016

How genius respects genius

All the great minds have a society of their own. They don't mingle with the lesser mortals as intimately as they do with their own kind. And this has been going on since ages. It's not a modern fad. Of course, the means of communication has changed. They used to write letters to each other once upon a time. Letters that might have been written when the addressee was alive but reaches his doorsteps posthumously. Gandhi had correspondence with Tolstoy. In fact, one of the last letters the great Russian writer wrote was to the future national leader of India. Similarly, Tagore and Einstein exchanged letters to each other for years before finally meeting in Europe. Joyce and Ibsen used to exchange letters too and so did Asimov and Sagan and such was the case for Dickens and Eliot. The tradition has been alive for eons and will be alive till words exist. Nowadays, with the advent of higher technology, letters have taken a backseat and text messages have become a way of life. But still, it doesn't mean that the greater beings, if you may, continue to interact with their own kind on a regular basis. Kobe wore 10 on his jersey because of his fondness for Messi. Just like Beckham did 23 for Jordan. These people don't even have to speak the same language or have the same accent to understand each other anymore. Their exchange of thoughts rest in their identity. An identity that trespasses the frontiers of words.

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