Sunday, May 22, 2016

Random thoughts

There are many things we believe for the sake of believing. Unsubstantiated axioms are one of them. They say if those we think about appear all of a sudden, they'll live on for a hundred years. I think that'd be true only if you were planning to murder them and boom, they appear in front of you! For instance, a cockroach you weren't expecting to encounter in the kitchen but were somehow scared about it shows up. And you end up trying to kill it. Being a guerilla soldier, it escapes. Now, be assured it will go on to live for a hundred years.
I don't understand why the corporate has a misplaced entitlement of time. Why is that productivity is measured in hours instead of output? Last checked, we were in the 21st century and 9-to-5 sounded lame. What sounds lamer is i don't work out anymore. If i don't go to gym, i won't be fit. If i'm not going to be fit, i won't be able to give in my 100%. If i'm not at my 100%, what's the point of getting paid in full at the end of the month? Also, i'm not looking out of the window. I'm thinking. That's an essential part of what i do for a living. 

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