Monday, May 30, 2016

Write what's left of you

She often cribbed that he's not romantic enough. Unlike her friends, she was blessed with someone who would go out of his way to do something creative for her. He too knew he could do better but he didn't. He thought gestures aren't necessary. What matters is what you feel and do for your significant other, right? True but not always. Fortunately, he realized this on his own after a long while. So, out of self-imposed compulsion, he decided to do something nice for her. A hand-written letter, he assumed would be the perfect way to express not only his love but also his appreciation in words. One pen, two objectives. Smart boy! Our hero got down to work and pushed his way through four pages. By the time, he could remind her that he was her truly, his knuckle was hurting. It was worth the pain for somebody who hasn't written more than five lines in ages. Proud of himself, he posted the letter and waited for her reply. 

Three days later, her SMS read: "Sweetheart, why did you write with your left hand?" 

Moral of the story: Improve your pathetic handwriting. 

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