Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Endanger alert!

I move on from one being to another. What this behaviour entails is hours spent on tempering my curiosity about a particular animal/bird/insect/etc. There was a phase when i was highly intrigued by jellyfish (they are practically immortal), before which there were octopus (they are awkwardly awesome) and butterflies (they prove Darwin wrong; it’s the survival of the smartest) and raccoons (they can open almost all the locks with their claws) and tardigrades (cockroaches may survive a nuclear holocaust but these dudes can survive ANYTHING) and the list goes on and on. My current creature of fascination happen to be the black-and-white panda. So much so i believe it’s my spirit animal. The only difference being, my ugly beard doesn’t make me cuddly—not even close. Otherwise, we are quite similar. Extremely lazy and doing things that don’t really yield much of a result. What i admire the most about these species is their continued effort at endangering themselves. It looks like they are dying to be an endangered species! Even the Parsis appear cautious compared to them. The amount of carelessness that they exhibit is adorable as well as numbing. Small surprise why there are only 1600 left of them. One reason is their utter lack of interest in mating and if at all a panda delivers two cubs, she’ll probably abandon one at the birthplace itself. Weird, yes. Ununderstandable, no. Fortunately, every single one of the pandas alive today belong to the Chinese government. This massively boosts the conservation project. If you spot a giant panda at a zoo in New York, just make a mental note that China is responsible for their well-being. If you observe them closely—on YouTube videos, of course—you’ll notice that they are very nihilistic in their outlook. Simply put, they don’t give a fuck. It’s just about them, them and them only. They’ll spend their whole day eating, playing, eating again, falling asleep wherever they feel sleepy—this dangerous evolutionary characteristic contributed to their decline—only to wake up and repeat the cycle. They get attracted to objects around them, both living as well as non-living, very easily. Whatever it is, they believe in hugging it whether it’s a bucket or a human leg. And that’s the part i love the most about pandas.

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