Saturday, November 26, 2016

Memories of a carpet

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. And not a night goes by i don’t think of Biswa’s joke. In one of his shows, he made a socio-economic quip on how people keep the fan on at top speed before pulling up the blanket. He took an obvious dig at us and our privileged attitude as far as wasting resources is concerned. Now, my case is different. I keep the fan at the lowest pace possible to scatter away my enemies. Also, i feel cold despite the blanket. It’s weird. Adding injury to insult, mosquitos don’t give up on me although the repellant has given up on them. This has been the case since the temperature dropped in Gurgaon. It made me ask myself “when was the last time i slept like a dead baby?” The answer lies in early 2010. After moving to a new office building (8th floor) in Vashi during an off season, i often found myself done with work by 3 am. And the first train arrived at 4 am so to kill time, i used to sleep in the conference room. I used to feel a strange variety of calmness while lying on that carpeted floor. Instead of waking up before 4, i used to doze off late into 7-ish am, an hour before the morning shift people entered in. The level of relaxation i felt on waking up remains unmatched. I felt fresher than a daisy. The only downside was i failed to sleep properly once i reached home. Maybe it had something to do with that carpet. I don’t know for sure.

Sound sleep matters. Memories of sound sleep, more so.