Thursday, November 17, 2016

Once upon a cheap night

By the time they reached the station, it was quite late at night. On top of that, the vacation season was on so they couldn't get a place as every available hotel was booked. Being an Indian tourist isn't easy in India. It's always advisable to book in advance but our heroes were of the adventurous type. In other words, lazy. Approaching midnight, the four of them were clearly running out of options. It was chilly and they didn't know what to do. To their good luck, an elderly man covered in a blanket walked towards them, didn't say a word and directed them to a narrow street. The boys took the cue and found a mansion-y place at the end of the street. Turns out it was a hotel with rooms! Lucky indeed. If that wasn't awesome enough, a room costed 100 bucks per night. "Seriously?" gasped the four in unison. Overjoyed, two rooms were booked; two guys in each. Exhausted, all of them decided to hit the sack.  The boys got up late in the morning and sounded excited about the hill station. What followed remains etched in their memories though. As a prank, three of them locked the fourth one inside the bathroom while he was doing his business. They even turned off the light. Those on the outside thought he'd freak out but something strange was to be. After a while, they opened the door and the locked boy got out looking quite pissed. Sensing anger, the boys immediately apologized for the prank. The boy wasn't looking for a sorry. He had a straightforward question: "Did you guys hear my screams?" To which, the boys said no. At this point, all of them were about to understand why that place was so darn cheap. "The moment you guys switched off the light, somebody from behind placed his hand on my right shoulder and whispered Shhhhhhh....."

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