Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Down with the Kings!

My great ancient nation just completed 60 years of Republic. 60 years of having any monarchy or regal relevance over people's will. After all, we are in the 21st Century, right? Wrong.

The definition of Republic remains the same but the functioning at grass-root level changes. We surely got our freedom in 1947 Colonial British and it took us almost three years to come up as One Nation. During this time period, great leaders like Sardar Patel and V.K. Krishna Menon were instrumental in bringing the small kingdoms and provinces together under the one caption of INDIA. It was an arduous task but the monarchy didn't end there. It just started taking a new face for itself.

Look at today's scenario of Indian Politics. Monarchy isn't visible but hierarchy definitely is. We have Gandhis, Abdullahs, Karunanidhis, Scindias and the list goes on. How the Nehrus turned into "Gandhi" family is a story of its own and it still perplexes foreigners interested in Indian History post-independence! After all, Gandhiji's kin were never into politics just like our Father of Nation. Talking of indiscreet hierarchy as it is, even Bollywood isn't untouched by this rampant nepotism and favoritism of the highest level.

Anyways, things will go on. Years will lap up. Changes will creep in, slow and steady. Long Live Democracy. Till then, Happy Republic.

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