Monday, January 25, 2010

Remember Me

[I just watched this movie "Venus" which had my all-time favorite actor, Peter O'Toole and while watching, these lines sprang into my empty mind.....]

When the darkness falls on your brow,
and you don't see nor you know,
just remember me, my love
for I loved you, more than I can ever show.
I cried every time I saw you disappear
and I kept your memories close to my eyes
closer to my dreams and closest to my mind
these words can never fathom
the kind of feel
I have for your gaze
your rising image and my falling knees,
the depth of your blessing rays on me
you were to go sooner or later,
you had to leave;
It just happened well before you go,
before loneliness struck my life
and killed its glow
but remember me, my love
for I loved you, more I can ever show.


Aditya ! said...

Beautiful lines..

lost_scotoma said...

hey thanks a lot.. appreciate it.