Saturday, January 16, 2010

Motorcycles Diary Kaleidoscope

Beautiful road ahead!
Tushar, the mastermind behind this trip, busy mapping out!
The true heroes.
Tushar's bike and his photography genius!
3 Idiots!
Tushar and I, with bikes and house with Manglorean titles in the background
Camera-shy Parrot we captured on the side of the road!
Scenic sky1
Scenic sky2
Busy capturing the moments!
Lawry doing what he does best...packing!
I & Lawry in Solapur, staying in a Dev D style lodge!
A dog whispering sweet nothing to a bewildered Sheeps!
Hitting bed in Goa after long drive!
Camel riding along wid Lawrence of Scarabia!!!
Gleaming Sun!
Panjim City clean at even 7:00am
Om Beach.
Niligiri Hills. Tough Uphill. Smoother downhill.
A beautiful mosque.
Smoky captured by our genius Tushar Shetty!
Break of sunlight.
Embedded huge water pots in village.
Don't name the name but free.
Favorite shot.
Timid Green Bird.
Morning dew.
Lawrence's companion during the short stay at village.
Cute child.
Stones and rocks.
Mynas enjoying the height.
Tushar behind, I on mirror.
Dog suprised at green-chameleon just like us.
Historical passage.
Reflective mood.
Waving farmer.
Another capturing view in Bijapur.
Roads can be cruel.
Fellow bike-riders from foreign land.
Chulah or traditional stove.
Chamundi Hill road.
Goa's colonial feel.
That's Lawry's helmet.
Cute kid.
The Great Gomateshwara.
A stupid try at excellence.
Tenzing Norgay, an Indian-Tibetan we met at Ooty, speaks Tamil better than my amma.
Shimoga's spectacular skyline.
Tipu Sultan's resting place.
Chamundi Hill Heights.
Mysore's opulence!
Tushar got his shoes wet, jeans wet and didn't even spare his helmet for snaps.
My fave pic from the whole journey. Dead Butterfly on Shimoga Highway.
Even mannequins have moustache in South India.
India's highest waterfall, Jog Falls, falling dry.
Met a lot of these open museums on our way.
Resting place for birds.
Plastics invading beach.
Another sculpting marvel.
Squat. Waves. Shoot.
That's my second best shot on trip.
This was at a lodge we stayed and that's Tush's.
Some greenery we passed.
Minor canal.
Someone's cooking.
This was taken while on bike and its a bit smeared yet I loved it.
Scenic Sun.
Discrimination against foreigners or is it tourism!
Sharp leaves.
Happy Feet.
Multi-faith temple in Mangalore.
My try at ART!
Another stupid attempt at ART!
Happy Feet, again.
City passing by.
Welcome to the land of palms, Kerala.
Chuddie-Buddies posing wrong!
Nature's call by Lawry.
Sheep blocking road.
Cattles, the traffic stopper.
Chuddie-Buddies relaxing

That's what happens after a long day on bike without proper CARE!
Me busy with my ART!
Really bad road.
Amma at her native house.
Lawrence (Lawry) and Tushar (Tush)
That's amma serving typical food.
Thankless job.
Lawry with his I-won't-die-today-smile.
How about TENDER COCONUT eh?
Guys, that's Paan tree!
stroll through history
Satchel and Helmet.
Lawry entering Badami caves.
Looking at the beautiful lake in Badami.
That's me...
Biking night-time!
Ancestral look.
Bats meditating.
Foam of Kasaragod.
Earthern pots are passe, time for plastic now!
Cute kids at a temple
Farmer and his way of life.
If u look carefully to the left, you'll see a flying crow too.
view from the top.
age old inscriptions.
A rare bird.
look carefully, there's a squirrel.
Flashing bright, my heroes!
Bahamani queen used to have bath here centuries ago.
Mirrors here and reflections there
Sinking in time..
Reaching back HOME.


A S said...


i really enjoyed each and every pic


lost_scotoma said...

Thanks a lot.. means a great deal to me.. thanks again.

Apoyando said...

Really nice post.
(I say that to most of the blogs I come across,but this time I really enjoyed..) ;)

lost_scotoma said...

Hey thanks a lot, its an encouragement towards my laziness.. take care.