Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcoming 2010!

Goodbye Noughties. We’ll miss you. So 2010 is here. And I’m still left behind. I’ll be turning 24 in less than 5 months and I’ve still got no idea where the heck I’m heading. A year has ended but still nothing seems to change. Even today, I have no graduation degree, no valid academics except a token diploma in Electronics & Telecom which I loathe and I’m still neck-deep in my world cinema, music, knowledge, trivia, Twitter, Facebook and devil-knows-what-not!

And yes, my fingers. They are still dancing for me like they did last year too. Dance with the same spirit that Basanti did for Viru in Sholay. This may sound a bit strange but it’s true. My fingers. I do have a job. A transcriber’s job. A job enough for my needs. Had it not been for my fingers I wouldn’t have made it here, to this point where I’m blogging, posting and tweeting as per my wish. That’s what is helping me keep my head above my shoulder and avoid facepalms! But the dark side is its toll on my body. I’m a perpetual time criminal now. That means I hardly concur anything on time. I don’t even wear a watch for that sake!

I’m currently working as a business transcriber in one of the coolest company you’ll ever come across. Cool in the sense it hardly has any formality rules that plague most of the other companies. It doesn’t restrict people from wearing clothes or shoes of their choice nor bother with the kind of hairdos we prefer. I love it but am not sure for how long I’ll be loving it!!

So I want something new with this year like I often do in the month of January that eventually fades away with no remorse, as the year-train picks up speed. So that brings me to my first concern-- my career. I never wanted a career in the first place. I wished to live my life like a nomad and end it like a gypsy, full of color. That was what I dreamt of. I wanted to travel and I’m traveling too. The only problem is I’m not traveling enough. That’s a dream and like all dreams, my reality too has to stop by to stare at me sometimes.

It’s impossible to define time and how fast it runs on basis of the kind of life we live. Time is just a parameter to set things uniform in this fast skipping world. What matters is what you have done with the time available. Well, I don’t know of others, but for me, time hasn’t really existed. We exist, time doesn’t. That’s what I’ve believed and I hope to keep it the same this year too. I don’t need to mould myself to the concerns and securities of the society I live in where the crooked mental prison is build and then advertised so that you feel safe. I won’t give in to any such nonsense. At least I’ll try this year too.

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