Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How are you?

Her: You seem very happy. How are you?
Him: Remember Brad Pitt in Legend of the Fall?
Her: Huh-uh. 
Him: There's this particular scene in that film where Brad Pitt's character Tristan comes across a cow who is badly trapped in barbed wire. The poor creature is obviously in pain and utterly helpless. So what Tristan does is he tries to get it out of the excruciating chain and save its life. But while doing so, he sees that the cow is suffering and there's very little he can do to keep it alive. Nevertheless, in spite of the cattle's non-cooperation, Tristan makes several attempts. To add pain to his conscience, the cow keeps mooing loudly. In the end, our hero appears in more turmoil than the tormented extra. So he promptly takes his gun out and shoots the cow—relieving both him as well as his hoofed acquaintance of all the emotions that has held them together for a short while. I wonder how that must have felt like!
Her: So you're feeling like Tristan with his gun?
Him: Na, i'm feeling like that cow with his bullet. 


Anonymous said...

Wonder why he should be feeling like the dead cow....does he believe that the cow died with a sigh of relief?Or does he think that the cow might have wanted Tristan to be his saviour, literally?

Anonymous said...

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