Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The legend of the fallen

Ever seen a horde of crows encircling just one woman on the street? I did. Yesterday. It was a scene straight out of a Hitchcock film. The only difference was these crows weren't keen on hurting her. They maintained a respectable distance. Maybe they knew that the lady in question is deranged and somebody who lives on the footpath—fending for herself. So in a way, she was a lot like them. But they didn't like what they saw. This woman in tattered clothes and with an unwashed face was holding a dead crow by its neck in her left hand and a small stone in her right; tapping the dead bird's head with it and laughing to herself. The crows may have nothing against human food but they don't like human contact. What ensued last afternoon was a demonstration of what happens when one of their kind is desecrated in public. They show concern. And how. Cacophony is too timid a word to describe the noise they created. Not sure what happened to that electrocuted crow in the end but am yet to witness a similar reaction in humans for the death of a complete stranger.


Anonymous said...

You've made me think....it seems we are living in an era of role reversals....lower order animals demostrating the highest degree of emotional attachment....totally missing from the world of so called humans!

Anonymous said...

It's the mercurial and cantankerous human nature.. the mentality is incorrigible and everything is materialized. The predilection for helping is evaporating over time. So yeah, you might never be fortunate enough to witness such protest. Good Luck!


Adithya said...