Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rest in world peace

In their quest to wear the tiara, the beauty queens often lie. And the most obvious act of falsehood takes place when they promise to work towards world peace PROVIDED they win the title. It's like an old adage which refuses to go out of fashion. As for the audience, nobody sits down to wonder why world peace and not anything else. Well, the reason is pretty simple. World peace, at its purest form, is an idea. And a noble one at that. Also, because we'll never attain it no matter how hard we try. That never happened before nor shall it happen as the world is already at peace. Just that our collective perception of world peace is slightly different from the way it was meant to be. We love to fiddle with our thoughts and let our imagination lose control. However, just imagine our planet with everything plain, unchaotic, simple and turbulentless. No clashes to begin at or a decay to end with. Sounds stale, doesn't it? Yes, there are human factors that needs to be reined but we prefer to overlook them in our pursuit of something greater. No surprise we fail. It's always been about personal outlook. For instance, tigers are not dying. We're killing them. And there's a difference. Will it go extinct? Most probably. Why does it affect us? We are part of nature. How many insects with no posters to save them are going to bid goodbye for good? We don't really care nor do we know as our knowledge is limited. They might be small but they are here on a purpose too, right? They are also part of the ecosystem. Similarly, who are at war? Humans. Why so? Hmmmm...we can't stand each other. Will world peace return if we got rid of our weapons? Sounds promising but that's not going to happen either. The world is an overstretched canvas of time and space and it operates within a compromising design. A perfect world where nobody kills or cheats or derides others would be the end of it. How would a planet like that function? What will drive the imbalance and thus the need to find a balance? Constant is a dirty word. A day has to give birth to night and seasons, along with people, have to change. Just like the crown that keeps shifting from one head to another.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're right there- living in such a world too.. :)

Anonymous said...

Your 'intellectual rubbish' makes a lot of sense. I don't know if unweilded weapons will ever bring peace to the world,....but i do know if you ever put down the weapon, you use to ink the pages, it will cause the death of a few restless words,somewhere in the world,before seeing the light of the day!