Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Over the road

Call them hawkers or vendors or peddlers or whatever you deem appropriate but there's something about them that could stir you. Brave souls who face the crowd and the noise that accompanies such venture. It takes guts and true mettle to flourish under the harsh sun, amid unforgiving public and get your job done by screaming your larynx out. Wouldn't it be weird to get noticed by an old schoolfriend on the street? It's almost like facing a rolling camera and act. For real. Intriguingly, none of them care about others' perception or the clothes that they are wearing or the social status they might be implying. To them, what really matters is they sell their wares and earn some cash. They are not stealing anybody's money nor are they doing anything wrong. Yes, they might be unwelcome on the footpath which—given a choice—people won't use anyway and stick to roads. Bargaining is everyone's right and if you are wronged, it's your fault. The camera could be metaphorical but they do indeed keep the economy rolling.

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Enigmatic Soul said...

Yes, it is a harsh life on the side-streets. And despite listening to scores of horrid stories about beggars rackets and such, I still feel pity for them. More pity than admiration for their "mettle", I guess.