Monday, July 8, 2013


Life is more of a punctuation and less of a word.
Life is a brilliant joke that others fail to laugh at.
Life is all about waking up at a place where you don't have to ask yourself - "Where am i?"
Life is everything about nothing. 
Life is a poor trick gone miserably funny.
Life is fair as long as you're winning.
Life is changing whether you'd like to be a part of it or not. 
Life is beautiful even if it's a lie.
Life is a long series of "Sab theek ho jayega" being told to each other.
Life is as young as ever but you are getting old.
Life is touching others without molesting them. 
Life is the greatest scam of all. 
Life is an attempt at ditching the highlights and going live instead.
Life is all about moving from one Google doodle to another. 
Life is what happens when you're trying to figure out what concerns you the most. 
Life is already lonely with friends. Imagine how it would have been without them. 
Life is like going all the way to Paris but not visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Life is an occupational hazard too.
Life is very dreamy. And then we wake up.
Life is happening to each none of us.
Life is so freaking cold that i can feel it in my sneeze.
Life is a good art but a miserable artist.
Life is like a box that effectively hides those non-existent chocolates.
Life is uncomplicated. For a lizard who does nothing but meditate.
Life is chess with added colors.
Life is indeed wonderful… in movies!  
Life is an eternal struggle, particularly when you're unable to control your bowel movements.
Life is all about seeking those few people who'll remark "So good to see you" and mean it.
Life is wonderful provided everyone is equally unhappy. 
Life is only as sorted out as others think.
Life is an attempt at dark humour.
Life is more than just waking up with a face you don't want to claim.
Life is too long to let others decide your mistakes. 
Life is miscalling, where are you?
Life is an overrated bitch and death, a momentary twitch.
Life is your greatest love story.
Life is letting your past seep into your present and destroy your future. 
Life is something that usually happens to others.
Life is basically a film with horrible cinematography. 
Life is like a simile.
Life is bootiful when your enemies are greeted with boos.
Life is the slowest way to death.
Life is simple but quotes about it are pretty complicated.

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