Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, please board

In reality, there's no point in criticizing a bad movie. People are going to watch it anyway. The tough part is to drive the public towards the cinema hall to grab a good film. This is just the way things are and has got nothing to do with India. We are inherently lazy and intellectually inert so the tendency is to avoid whoever speaks the truth. Give us glossy love stories and OTT action anyday because we don't get to witness them in our otherwise bland life. However, once in a while an endeavour like Ship of Theseus walks along and hypnotizes us with questions, answers and the silent space between them. It doesn't try to be different but it is not the same either. One can not only relate to the characters but also to the situations they are in even though they are facing existential dilemmas of their own. It can't be missed. Sorry. Do yourself a favour, watch it. In any case, it has a limited release and ain't available on torrent either. Who knows? You might emerge out of the theater with an enlightened smirk on your smug face.

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Anonymous said...

Softly, Shakti..for those who don't know where to go.