Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clouds and their conspiracies

Wife likes to believe that she holds some power over the weather. Husband can't help but play along. And to his dismay, every morning, while leaving for work, it begins to rain. Thus forcing him to acknowledge that the sky—if not the entire universe—conspires against him. But then, he can't be late for office either. So he sets out with his umbrella knowing pretty well how ineffective it is in keeping one's pants dry. However, just as he's about to leave the room, Wife says something to effect of "The rain won't trouble you!" like Lady Indra would have. Husband nods and smiles at her pretending to be grateful for her divine intervention. As soon as he gets out of the building, the rain stops as if on cue. He looks back up at Wife standing near the window on the first floor. Both her eyebrows rise together, forcing his face to fall down. After all, as always, rainfall will resume once he's moved out of her sight. Something she isn't aware of.

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Anonymous said...

.....or maybe she knows? Maybe,it's just that he doesn't know that she knows! (Women have this uncanny knack of knowing stuff,you know!)