Sunday, July 14, 2013

Flying sinews

Let's get started with facts. Bollywood stars aren't very popular for completing their homework. Expecting them to lose weight or gain an accent or be anything but themselves is too much to ask for in most cases. This sad premise compels us to acknowledge the grit Farhan Akhtar employed to create  Milkha Singh out of him. Going by the black & white photographs, the celebrated athlete appears a lot leaner than Farhan. But then, why not capitalize on the rare chance to let one's sinews scream out? And they did as expected in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (BMB). After all, the entire movie is a tribute to a man who wouldn't overestimate his ability to fail. So having a chiseled torso and arms wouldn't hurt. Rhetorically, at least. Furthermore, he strains and pains to succeed in a period independent India was barely waking up to international competition. The film is wonderful since Hindi cinema has been allergic to biopics in spite of having millions of candidates to run a script on. Having said that, BMB could have been much crispier. Just because your husband is the director doesn't mean you should chuck your editing job. (For the record, PS Bharathi did faaaaaaar better in Rang De Basanti which was directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra too.) If the climax wasn't as intense as it turned out to be, the whole endeavour would have fallen flat before the finish line. Nobody wants to be a guinea pig of an excessive filmmaker's indulgences. Coming back to Farhan, his acting skills remain open to question but his commitment can't be interrogated. Sacrificing two summers for a role is genuinely something no actor in our country is heard for. Cricket doesn't need a film to continue its stranglehold in the country but other sports don't enjoy such luxury. From that perspective, BMB continues what Chak De! India and Paan Singh Tomar ignited. Our generation is in dire need of heroes. For the time being, even those from the world of celluloid will do. A biopic on Dhyan Chand next, someone?

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i so need to watch a movie just to keep up with your reviews. don't remember the last i saw one in a theater.