Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I don't need a DSLR to know that i'm not a photographer. The same is true about millions of others who are suddenly empowered by Instagram. With the exposure we are party to—thanks to the rise of technology—there's this unexplainable urge to click and share and upload and stare. Set against this trend was a wise friend of mine who went to Ladakh and didn't bring back a single photograph. Not even one for memory's sake. On the contrary, he questioned the logic behind wasting time collecting pictures when he can utilize the same amount of time on exploring the place. After all, he was there on a short trip and "couldn't afford wasting time on something he wasn't well-verse with" instead of living the moments a bit more. No place for posterity. Whatever that sounds like now, it reeked of sincerity then. And the acceptance of the fact that he was a traveler, not a photographer.

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