Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Skipping from lesson to lesson

A journalist who works for a daily can't really afford a hangover. At least not during weekdays. However, the journo in our story learnt it the hard way. He got hammered the night before he was supposed to meet a top cop for a sensitive scoop. No surprise he barely woke up on time and somehow rushed to the venue. Having made his interviewee wait for about half an hour, the disheveled scribe's body language reeked of apology. Anyway, he put his hand into his bag to take out his dictaphone so as to get started. Much to his horror, instead of a silver-coloured recording device, a black-tinted remote control came out in his grip. A drunk man does a lot of things but replacing one electronic gadget with another was a revelation to him. Mr Journalist couldn't help musing whether it was possible to just click the red power button and get out of the extended nightmare. Desperate, he tried that too. Not happening. Thus, he was about to regret his decision to go drinking the previous night when a towering voice quipped, "I'm glad you didn't bring your TV along with it."