Monday, January 6, 2014

When dreams kill

If you were to ask 10 people their most preferable way to pass away, almost nine of them would say "I wouldn't mind dying in my sleep". Even if this weren't the exact sentence, the words to be noted here are mind and sleep. [We'll get to that later.] This reply has more to do with lack of imagination and logic than anything rational enough. There's an undying (no pun intended) romance attached to sleeping and never waking up. Also, it's considered to be painless although a layman doesn't really know what kind of experience the dead person had during those last moments of life. And one can't discount the fact that the deceased were engaged in one dream or the other before the Angel of Death kissed them on their forehead. So going by the circumstancial evidences, a dream murdered the hell out of you without leaving a hint of proof behind. What an assassin! Anyway, for the sake of curiosity, wouldn't you love to know what kind of subconscious film was the departed gentleman/lady engaged in? Better still, would you consider yourself extremely lucky if your dreams were to kill you? Literally. 


Tanzila said...

I don't want to die in my sleep. I want to die in the middle of a day where I am doing something. crossing the road, driving a car, anything. I want to be fully conscious when death comes. I want to look it in the face and see the face that everyone dreads. yes, I am bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine that you are dreaming of being in the arms of your beloved and you never have to wake up from that beautiful dream! Don't you think that would be the most wonderful way for death to welcome you?..and btw, dreams don't kill...they are painless!