Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sunshine calling

On the last day of 2013, i tweeted suggesting that i wanted to wake up in 2014 as Steve McQueen (the director) because i had recently watched 12 Years a Slave and i couldn't get a grip around this guy's genius. He's made three feature films so far and each one of them is a masterpiece in its own right. Undistilled awesomeness! I can't wait for his next endeavour. In the meanwhile, i want to wake up as a different person. It happens to be someone whom i used to abhor for his utter lack of depth in script-related choices. Matthew McConaughey, ladies and gentlemen. Here's a brawny actor whose talent kept getting wasted in one bland film after another. And then one day, he woke up realizing his folly. Thanks to that epiphany, he's going through a cinematic high. His homoerotic performance in The Paperboy was dignified although the movie was a Grade 1 disaster. Nevertheless a remarkable upswing from his surfer dude image. Later, his mildly psychotic lover act in Mud further raised the tempo, culminating in the spectacularly flamboyant Dallas Buyers Club where he plays an emaciated AIDS patient. If you easily pitied Tom Hanks's Andrew in Philadelphia, you would find it difficult to extend the favour to McConaughey's Ron. Oscar nomination is for sure—a win would be better. Oh, that's not it. He had a fitting cameo on Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street and the latest TV series True Detective appears sleek with him in a commanding (yet unmistakeably unbrawny) position. And if that's not enough for a peak, there's his leading role in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar which would hit us early November. Heck of a climb!

All things yapped and praised, i don't wish to wake up as anybody else. Just glad that these amazing guys manage to get up on the right side of their career. Everyday, lately. 

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Anonymous said...

Just as well....that you don't want to wake up as someone else.There are two very important reasons for that. 1.There are people who wouldn't want to see you playing any other character,on the stage of life.2. Life is waiting in the wings to present it's best profile for your benefit.
Shocking ,is an understatement for a film like that.Ejiofor's eyes haunted me for quite a while.