Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A not-so-open letter

Dear NaMo, 
            Let's begin with some honesty. I never really liked you. Despite all the reports suggesting that you were taking Gujarat to new heights of development, I always felt you were way too cocky. Humility was grossly missing in your persona. Maybe that's also the reason why you never felt the need to apologize for the loss of human lives during your tenure. [No, no, I'm not referring to earthquake.] Any other chief minister would have found it morally wrong to continue on his chair after what really happened. You were different. You said you weren't complicit to what ensued in the name of religion. Unfortunately, the majority sided with you saying you were protecting Hindu—if not Gujarati—asmita. To your credit, even the Supreme Court (although via a special investigation unit) found you clean. 
          Good for you.
         Today, you are the prime minister of the country. First PM to have born after India gained independence. First PM to have the fortune to call up his ma and inform her about his promotion. First PM, perhaps, to have earned so much love and admiration thanks to his incorruptible image. And that's where your real test begins. You've been entrusted with something that's much greater than your ego. Millions of people are expecting a change that might alter their life for ages to come. I hope you deliver on your promises. I hope you maintain your vision and not give into pressure or sycophancy. Going by your party's manifesto, there  is indeed hope. There are some trivial sentences there as well regarding Hindutva and temples. Speaking of which, Hindutva doesn't need politics (or politicians) to thrive. It's the other way round actually. And as far as temples are concerned, there are more than enough in this country. The roads leading to them are potholes-ridden though. A reason strong enough to set your priorities right. It's either going to be full-fledged development or mockery of people's aspiration. The choice is yours. Just like your legacy. Your sense of history is a bit distorted. I hope the same is not true about the future.
           Love is blind. After all, people blindly accepted that you've got a 56 inch chest when you've got 44. They also accepted that you were a chaiwallah when the fact is that your dad was. You were just a student who helped him in your free time. It's alright. What's the point in having a spectacle without some theatrical lies? If greatness has to emerge out of white lies, so be it. 
          The stage is yours now. Your rivals have gracefully left it. Perform and stagger us. And while you are it, please ensure that the reforms take place as early as possible. Last decade was lost on us. We can't afford to lose another. You are not know for saying sorry anyway so you better do what you are expected to before it's too late.
             Lastly, please go low on the rhetorics and high on work. 
             Good luck to you as well as us.  
                                                 An acche din aficionado                                          

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