Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Unfinished business

Local trains are fodder for a great deal of entertainment… sometimes, even when nothing happens! Recently two men squeezed into a packed train at Kurla, and one happened to elbow the other. As is inevitable, an argument ensued—although, if common sense had prevailed there was no need for even a mild exchange of words. But sense is not common, specially in crowded locals. So, the encounter spiralled into a full-fledged altercation with one man challenging the other to get out at the next station and settle it with fists. That may sound like a polite invitation but it was simply because there was no space for maara-maari in the compartment. As it happens, the exigencies of commuter travel prevented the dust-up, as one man was going to Chembur and the other was unwilling to accompany him. And thus the other commuters missed a free dose of entertainment.

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