Saturday, May 24, 2014

By the way

Wouldn't it be awesome if our office wasn't stationary. Like it kept moving from one place to another. No fixed address. No fancy pincode. What our auto-rickshawallahs are privy to. They leave their houses not knowing where they are going to land. So, although they are working, their workplace is basically the wide open world (and narrow streets). Do notice that the rickshawallahs are a kinder breed when compared to their counterparts in cabs. They seldom unacknowledge your existence. Taxiwallahs are notorious for a reason. It has something to do with their right hands perched on the front door. It's thoroughly sunburned. Or maybe this theory is mistaken because they must have turned habitual over time. Or maybe i don't know what i'm talking. Maybe, neither do you. Anyway, go back to work.

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