Friday, October 30, 2015

Rotations and revolutions

My dearest friend Visha once told me that undermining astrology could be fallacious. Her theory was that since astrology is basically the study of movement of celestial bodies with respect to Earth, it makes sense to analogize. Her analogy aimed at assuming humans as a subset of Earth but not very different from it. After all, like us, Earth is made up 70% water—at least on the surface—and always wondering what's wrong with us. And like our planet, we keep moving too, thus affecting the water in us. In other words, it's all about water! I don't know whether this makes sense but to me, it does, in some way or the other. 

Taking the analogy ahead, i'm up with a new theory. Maybe we are indeed planets in our own right. Don't we unknowingly nourish so many tiny living beings (both visible as well as invisible)? On top of that, we carry a certain amount of gravitation energy in us. Some have more and some, comparatively less. The ones with more of this energy is able to attract others more towards him/her. The ones with less of this energy is bound to wonder what's wrong with them. 

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