Sunday, April 29, 2012

Excusing our moral smuttiness

Let’s digress for a little while now. Enough of writing/reading stuff that doesn’t arouse us (no pun intended). Why not discuss That We Don't Speak Of although we unscrupulously love watching them? Bingo! Porn, it is! 

To begin with, porn industry thrives on fertile imagination — theirs as well as ours. In fact, it all started because human mind got deeper and wilder than we could possibly handle (pun intended). Having said that, any porn movie that lasts longer than 8 minutes is based on fiction. Accordingly, none of these X-rated magnum opuses carry the ‘Based on a true story’ tag. [Conclusion: The people involved in the making are as ethically honest as we can never get.] To accentuate their veracity, you’ll never see the sexual innuendo 'Coming Soon' used in promotion of such films. Unlike hypocritical regular movies. 

Talking of hypocrisy, there are dickheads who find it difficult to enjoy this kind of cinema (if it may be called so) with a boner. What the F@&#! In any case, the pornographers can’t care less. We don’t live in a perfect civilization. If we did, the porn stars would have been referred to as porn artists. But that’s not how things are. To illustrate this point, Sunny Leone is a honored graduate with B.Cum. And we’ve got to respect that. Along with a lot of her features that distract us, nonetheless. To illustrate a more subtle point, watching Sharapova play tennis is like listening to porn. Well, almost.

Now that we’ve come to that point where this blog post ain’t going nowhere (as usual), let’s welcome God into this tripe. Based on an intense biblical study, God accidentally became the first porn filmmaker when that nefarious serpent got all pimpish. For the all-time record, that was His first divine error. The second was putting up ToI website where soft porn effectively competes for our attention over the crappy news.  

Everything said and done and watched, porn is one of those few wonders that keep humankind hopeful during *hard* times. And we can't digress from this reality. Luckily.


Hardik Rajgor said...

Hahaha, hilarious stuff mate! :D

FAROOQ said...

PornTastic ;)

Umesh Rao said...

That's very nicely return!
Thought arousing post :D