Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yes Saar, K?

Not that anyone is complaining but I haven’t updated my lousy blog in quite a long time. The reason behind this era-distorting act lies in my changing of priorities. In other words, I’ve got priorities now. Like beauty queens from India who think becoming a Hindi actress will save the world, I too am an entertainment journo now. Sorry, I forgot to add the word ‘wannabe’ in my previous sentence. But for all it’s worth, I’m busy chasing Bollywoodians nowadays and I’ve somehow convinced myself that this will ultimately save the world.

So far, so rude? Well, not exactly.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been meeting people from B-Town and I’ve got to admit I’m amazed and perplexed at the same time. Amazed by some big stars’ down-to-earthness and perplexed by some not-so-big-stars’ defiance of gravity. For instance, I met King Khan last week and passive-smoked three cigarettes within 16 minutes. I didn’t mind it since he came across as someone who knows what he’s talking about and answered all my queries. He was sharp, philosophical, witty and seemed very well-read. And by well-read, I mean he appeared to have read my conjectural article that got published in January!

I met other Bolly A-listers too but it’d be better if I don’t disclose them now. Maybe I should wait until I figure out where exactly to use ‘wannabe’ in a sentence.

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