Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last Man Standing

He thought he was a sad human being. It had nothing to do with truth. He just believed so without
allowing himself a reality check. For most part of the day, he kept walking with his eyes staring at the ground below. If not, then he'd be standing somewhere, lost in his own cloud. Well, some people like being depressed. It gives them a soothing feel like a warm smile in an air-conditioned office or something. Perhaps this guy in question was one of those. Who knows for sure? We're just speculating here. But he did look morose. After all, he never seemed at peace. Something was bothering him inside. If he had a lover, we could have figured out what his problem — other than the girlfriend — actually was. But he was too lonely to be associated with anyone, especially not from a fairer sex. He simply continued appearing worried, friendless and in dire need of a mention in someone's silly blog. If only he had somebody to share the fart-breaking news that he was suffering from piles and can't sit on his third eye as comfortably as he once could!


1CupChai said...

I mean how could you?? Are you God? :p

pooja_hp said...

^ +1
and third eye!? hahahaha!