Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On third thought...

What is it about the eunuchs in this city that compels a person to take notice?

Let’s ponder.

Abnormality? A ruthless dash of incoherent claps? Extravagant helplessness? Empathy? Insistence on making you shell out money against your wish? Excessive makeup? Adherence to sindoor? Voice? Beautiful face? Ugly face? Mockery of gender? Superstition? Belief in psychic powers? Sympathy? Respect for sari? Disrespect for sari? Noise? Societal breakdown? Rebellious outage? Colorful bangles? Mogra? Inadvertent reverse-discrimination? Unnecessary touchiness? Dystopian yet blissful existence? Abuse of Hindu mythology? Asexual perversion?

Keep pondering.

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