Friday, December 6, 2013

Lie and fall

I don't wish to touch you. 
Just want to sleep next to you
and see you fall asleep.
But before you do so, 
i'd tell you stories filled with funny yet wise characters.
They might make you laugh
— they certainly made me.
You can keep your eyes closed 
while hmming every now and then.
To signal that the night ain't over. 
Being imperfect, it'd only get better
—  trust me although i don't know why —
like a moon vying for limelight through dark sky.
The distance between me and you is sacred. 
Let it be. 
You're safe in my vicinity. 
Fetal position, face-to-face. 
Your beauty can't be threatened by my lonely gaze.
It's beyond us.
As far as i can see, i won't ever be able to claim your soul.
Or your reason to stay awake.
Why try and waste time on it?
Just sleep next to me and fall asleep.
I'll lie next to you and fall in love.


Anonymous said...

I cried....again...... and again....,and then i smiled..... and then i loved you,as always. ♥♥♥......♥♥♥.....♥♥♥

t said...

a timeless heart made by your fetal position and hers. i love you…for finding words to write for her, or whoever it was meant for.

Anonymous said...

This is among the best things I have read lately. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I like you

I might hide my fears in the teary rain and try to smile masking my pain.

My wait for you shall never go in vain, my love for your soul
shall forever remain

I would want to be that girl who could listen to you all night,
And fall for your honest smile and lovingly hug you tight!

Wish you all the happiness in the world.