Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fire to the flame

Since i turned 18, i've been to a handful of weddings and one funeral. Both events are on the extreme ends of human chart. The former is said to provide us a second chance at life while the latter, a final go at salvation. What marks these events are those who surround us during its separate execution. People who cheer you while you're circumambulating the holy fire and the ones who see to it that your body burns to ashes. They are there. As if the whole world's a stage and everybody, a mere witness. Maybe we shouldn't have stopped being catalysts. We could have done better. Fuck it. Imagine attending a wedding where the couple somehow get caught in the flames, thus transmuting into an unwarranted funeral. God forbid, if that happens, the Cosmos would be more just a witness.


Anonymous said...

Bogus thought process, actually the important thing is people coming to both the events may or may not be well wishers, then in movies with marriage film ends and people come out cheerfully from the theaters saying all is well that ends well but in reality it is end that matters

Anonymous said...

There is a positive way of looking at this too...wen we marry we share our happiness of uniting with our soul mate- spouse and on demise we share the happiness of uniting with the ultimate soul mate- God/Infinity