Sunday, December 15, 2013

Setting the record straight?

On one hand, you're homophobic. On the other, you masturbate. Pray tell me how do you manage to do that? Forget love, lust and related abstract nonsense. Talk practical common sense. If you find gays so despicable, how do you tolerate your body in the name of gratification? Curiously when you're mentally screwed by the poison fed by that machismo attached to heterosexuality. Tough questions, huh? Surprise: bullying is passé yaar. Insofar, hypocrisy is the easy way out for a reason, na? What if being different perfectly fine? Perhaps you aren't civilized enough to come to term with the ground realities. Accept it. You aren't on the wrong side of history. Just that you're on standing on the line that might attack your gumption tomorrow. Also, the realities are changing faster than we'd like. Get used to it. There's no other option, dino. Lastly, why impinge on somebody else's space for your godforsaken self-righteousness? Let them breathe and heave a sigh of relief. They deserve the polluted air as much as you do.

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