Sunday, December 29, 2013

On the seventh day...

  • God took to music.
  • God said, "Screw this experiment! It's not working."
  • God laughed at the mystery that engulfed nothing.
  • God already knew what everybody was going to do on their first summer. 
  • God rested to figure out what drove him on the first day to such madness.
  • God said "Let there be light" instead of "Let there be delight."
  • God got irritated and reminded us to thank him for Sunday too.
  • God lost count of her mistakes.
  • God went to LA and got wasted.
  • God created a competitor in the form of a short cricketer.
  • God finally stopped procrastinating.
  • God turned pro and declared himself infinite.
  • God missed humour. 
  • God felt loneliness.
  • God grinned in between.
  • God wondered why weren't there any Udupi hotels yet. 
  • God took a break and thought for a while - "WHY ME?"
  • God took early retirement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now where do you find Him? ?...Gtalk,WhatsApp or maybe Twitter?