Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Being humanly

Why do we fear rejection? Self-loathing. Yup, that's why. If we accepted ourselves the way we are, we wouldn't be needing others' approval (or rejection, for that matter). But we go around looking for validation. As if our metabolism depends on it. Am i looking OK? Are my jokes lamer than me? Does my voice sound fine? Do I stink? Have i got what it takes? Where are everybody? Who should i follow? Oh God, why me? So on and so forth. Societal norms. No, no, you don't have to quit civilization and end up dead somewhere near the South Pole. That'd be an extreme and uncomfortable thing to do. What our behavior beckons is a slightly different approach: Why not just be and let others be? Why not, for a gruesome change, stop comparing and judging? Why not grow old happily instead of counting every single grey strand or measuring every single memory? Why not spread smiles instead of frowns? Why not take a long walk with yourself? Why not put the blame on yourself first before finding a suitable candidate? In spite of all these possibilities, our mind seeks something new. Someone new who may or may not like us. Rejection helps us a great deal with a lot more than we bargained for. And that's how it will be until and unless we give in to nature.


Veeral Pathak said...

in simple words: "mind your own business". :)

Veeral Pathak said...
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