Saturday, March 22, 2014

What is reality?

If you like karela, what does that say about you as a breathing entity? Nothing. Because karela remains bitter whether somebody likes it or not. Your reality is yours while karela maintains its share. Similarly, someone is happy at somebody else's sorrow. How much of that happiness is for real is a question worth pondering. Is anything real or is everything a figment of reality? Every second thing acts randomly, seldom allowing us a chance to execute our plans the way we prophesied. As individuals, our realities conflict but at the same time, they allow us a chance to engage and be ourselves. Or at least get a chance to find ourselves. That's how this world functions. Random acts, random results.  
     Let me digress here.
Who could have thought we'd be unable to trace a flight in 2014? When was the last time that happened? Last millennium. Shit. An ant won't bother what happened to MH370 but humans do as if it affects them. It doesn't, to be brutally frank. It's the harsh reality of family and friends of those who disappeared from the sky. Just like that. 
     For the rest of us, that just leaves a temporary bitter taste in our mouth.

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