Saturday, March 29, 2014

Of farm and bliss

By any estimate, the land area under cultivation in our country must have be going down. Moreover, the annual produce is not mind-blowing given our dependence on other countries for food. And this is the case despite having more than 55% of the economy dependent on agriculture. Something is uniquely ironic here. About 30% of Chinese economy depends on agriculture but its reliance on foreign countries for food is almost negligible. In such a conflicted environment, wouldn't it make sense to have more farmers? People who are willing to nourish a patch of land and make profit as well. With more and more villagers (no offence because the forefathers of those call themselves sheharwallahs today were villagers and there's no shame in migrating for better prospects) dreaming of an urban life, why not have a reverse trend? Since they are moving in, why not we move out? Find a place where farming is possible and then get down to work. There are so many examples of people who gave up their urban leaning only to find bliss in the countryside. Think of Mansoor Khan (yes, the director who gave hits like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar) or Lucky Ali (who delivered one of the finest Indian ballad albums EVER with Sifar). Both turned to nature and didn't regret it. Look at us. We eat processed food and don't even realize that our basic survival skills are next to nothing. We can neither grow food or cook it by creating fire. No, you can't survive on Maggi alone. Your stomach shall reek of starch and salt sooner than you can guess. As far as our lifestyle is concerned, it's not like we are leading a royal life in our so-called metros anyway. Why not go back to where our forefathers came from and try to find an equilibrium in not only the pathetic economy but also our miserable existence?

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