Sunday, March 23, 2014


Once upon a time, there was a glass window which was fed up of being so damn transparent. The only pleasure left in its existence emerged from the faint reflections it drew throughout the day. The light seeped in and went through. Sun loved to express itself. Breezes, as well. And dust too. Day was a delight to be with but night was just a word away from mare. It was scared of darkness, you see? All the neon lights in the world couldn't make it grow out of this morbid fear. One day, some thieves broke in through the window, damaging it severely. It was fragmented now in three pieces—one fond of sunlight, another afraid of sunset and a piece which didn't give a fuck.

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t said...

did you know that the origin of the word 'nightmare' was from something scary and oppressive sitting on the chest? or so i read :)