Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Anonymous summation of difference

There are people who want to change the world. And then there are those who do—in their own sweet little ways. They touch lives because they fully understand that that's what we were supposed to do for a living. This precious lot doesn't worry about things that don't matter. They don't bother themselves with "Why am i here?" or "Who's responsible for my boring existence?" or "What dish am i going to post on Instagram?" et al. Neither do they care about their profile pic on social media nor the typos in their online thoughts. They tend to be pragmatic. Very. No, they aren't averse to technology or such. Just that they've gradually learnt that the actual work gets done under the sun. One needs to log out to log in some real change. One such friend of mine is busy helping a few underprivileged kids with education and complimentary skills. She's the last person to gain publicity so let's call her J. She's been doing her bit for children for quite a while now. You won't read about her in paper or on Internet. Going by her account, her daily endeavours don't seem like cakewalk either. She has her ups and downs but she sleeps sound. Unlike us. Moreover, it's pretty obvious that she knows that she's making a difference. After all, she takes out the necessary time. If time is the greatest gift one human can present other, then there is certainly a future for all the parties involved. 

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