Friday, July 18, 2014

On the line

In this city, commuting accounts for about half of the work done. As commuters, you've got only two feelings: anger and nothing. They are impatient. [Speaking of patience, those travelling on the Harbour Line redefine patience everyday.] It's not just about the local trains. It's about us. We officially become Mumbaikars when fellow commuters stamp on our toes by mistake and we don't even realize it. Push comes to shove and vice versa. Train mein dhakka nahi toh kya lottery lagega? When daily commuters sit on the edge of the seat, there is nothing exciting about it. But public behave as if they've never seen a seat before, let alone sat on one. No wonder men stay seated because they can't stand a woman standing closeby. Moreover, when somebody is fighting for space, enjoy the show. It never lasts long. Besides, people who quarrel in local trains deserve to commute in them. Oh, did you know elbows are the weapon of mass destruction? Dangerous. However, as long as commuters are ready to assume weird positions to finish reading newspapers, there is hope for print media.

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