Wednesday, July 30, 2014


After a while, you turn wise enough to ditch the good ol' Twitter custom of tagging a tweep with the sacred #FF. Instead, you begin to seek financial rewards—which is never going to materialize! For the uninitiateds, it stands for #FollowFriday and it's usually posted on Fridays along with those handles you admire on the timeline. In practical sense, it's a gesture of appreciation because you're too happy that weekend is nearby. Anyway, let me take you back to where it all started. There is an American guy named Micah Baldwin (and goes by the handle @micah). He was the one who came up with this #FF tradition back in 2008. I used to chat with him during my "early days" for two reasons: 1. I was chatative then. 2. I felt he was a genius of sorts for coming up with a global phenomenon. In fact, i once even #FF-ed him like i used to with fellow mortals before deciding that #FF should be employed for a greater cause. Reason bad enough to recommend the following things, among others, of course:  
  • the offline version of you
  • absolute contentment
  • the fault in YOUR stars
  • shadows
  • bad excuses 
  • my childhood friends (who fortunately aren't on Twitter)
  • "It's OK!"
  • your dreams to the ends of the earth 
  • trails of your promises
  • peace of mind
  • unemployment
  • online stalkers
  • long weekend
  • your love handle 
  • others' happiness
  • moral compass
  • your true calling
  • Pied Piper of Hamelin

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Anonymous said...

.....And I was wondering why you should be repeating me, of all the people.Now, I think I can die peacefully![Or am I being the Abdullah, the diwana in the begani shaadi? Please tell me, I am overthinking! :-))]