Monday, July 7, 2014

Hurt shocker

It's only when you're stung by a bee/wasp—not bitten by a bedbug or an ant—that you become capable enough to quantify pain. The manner in which your skin behaves and the almost audible ripples you hear under it makes you doubly aware of your being. In simpler words, when a bee/wasp stings you, it has your utmost attention. That's not the case with any other insect. At least not the ones freely available in urban landscape. You don't dare scratch the surface. You feel alone. That's the worst part. When a mosquito bites you on the back, you can ask someone to scratch it. That probability of an union is discarded by the monsters we're discussing here. They acknowledge the fact that our species can do without anything but company. So they attack and induce loneliness. Ironically enough, bees/wasps themselves believe in society.
I can make out that you don't know what i'm trying to say. Guess what? You've got no idea how much it hurts. I'M IN PAIN BUT I'M GRATEFUL IT WASN'T A SNAKE. Let me cry a bit now.
Digression: I want to be one with the environment. So much so that no creature, living or otherwise, ever harm me or wish me ill. Especially the ones who can die with mere application of my fingerprint.Also, they don't really need that pointed thing on their ass.

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