Thursday, July 10, 2014

Deep shit

What are we without what makes us us? 
Small idiosyncrasies that's unique to you and me...
Smaller stupidities associated with our names.
What are we without any of the endless reasons that makes us better or worse?
And what can we possibly be, if not ourselves?
We are what we are...even though we may not know what. 
Simply here and now;
Unsure about the myth called tomorrow. 
We are breathtakingly beautiful because we aren't going to last forever 
The finale will be missed.
Cities sinking under the weight of its injustice won't happen during our lifetime,

nor will we witness the sky fall apart. 
Furthermore, God shan't perform her cameo while we're alive.
Our loss, indeed.

We're going to leave without knowing when the show actually ended.
Perhaps that's why we are awesome.
Perhaps that's why we feel different every passing moment.
Perhaps that's why nothing's going to stay the way it is...still. 

We breathe like there's no tomorrow but we're going to die. 
Someday, if not today. 
Something we know won't change, no matter what.

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