Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First look

Observation #1: Friends come and go away because that's what happens whether you like it or not. But every once in a while, a friend quietly walks into your life and makes you believe in yourself. And before you even realize it, you don't want this one to go away. Ever.
Observation #2: "Annanavagru kopa dallid'aara?" is something a three-year-old kid asks her mother when she thinks you aren't talking to her as you're upset with her when in reality, you don't speak Kannada and there's no way you can communicate with her. Cute.
Observation #3: Newspapers turning yellow is one of the beautiful things you can witness. The only problem is we can never see the lignin in motion. It's always going to be white/salmon-pink now and within a period of time, it'll acquire a taint of time. Unjaundiced.
Observation #4: Mangalorean fish curry and parboiled rice has to be what heaven must serve on entry. Even somebody who isn't a huge fan of separating skeletons (OK, thin bones) from flesh would vouch for this humble yet royal dish. At least i would. Enchanting. 
Observation #5: What's worse than people littering on road? People doing the same inside a train on a long-distance journey. Who's going to clean up? A wild guess: Grandchildren of whoever isn't diligent enough to keep their crap on the right side of the window. Behave.
Observation #6: Studying is tough. However, it can't beat the pain that your knuckles bear while you're pushing pen on your examination paper. If it's a 3-hour paper, it seems like 9 years, 7 months and 23 days long. Yes, exaggeration is completely allowed here. Sorry.
Observation #7: Arvind Kejriwal won for only one reason: He's not corrupt. Yet. And whatever be the political rhetoric—if you understand economics—you must also take AAP's sweep with a pinch of salt. Subsidies are and will never be the solution to problems. Gumption.
Observation #8: We are what we are. Even if we pretend otherwise, we eventually come back to the person we actually embody. The way we look at things varies while those things remain the same. Similarly, for the universe at large, we are one of those things. Pity.
Observation #9: Violence is not really a bad thing. If employed effectively, it can provide what non-violence never might never be able to. The catch here being the difference between the two is enormous. When a lion turns violent with its prey, it harbours no hatred. Whatsoever.
Observation #10: Your parents may come across as archaic and boring. But that also goes on to show that you were perhaps too selfish to help them keep up with the latest from the world of "cool". So, whatever you think they are today, it's on you, not them. Comeuppance.

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